Scientology Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

  Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics & Methodologies

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At the same time, they admit that they are on a search which may not end for them with the same discovery. For many Scientologists “the eighth dynamic” remains a world which must be explored personally to be fully believed. For the moment they are waiting. God is probably there. This can be called faith in probability.

iii.iii. Relative Truth

Where personal exploration dominates, truth is always relative to the stage reached along the Scientologist’s path of spiritual development. Two truths mentioned by one of those questioned illustrate this relativity: the one which is beyond time and words and the truth of “here and now.”

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Régis Dericquebourg Professor, Sociology of Religion, University of Lille III, Lile, France
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